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2009 Season

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Minor Baseball



Thousands of youngsters coming into Little League each year are eager to learn, develop skills and look forward to the opportunity to be selected on "Major" League teams in baseball. Thus, the Minor program is an important addition to the league operation in providing the basic training in fundamentals.

There is an obligation on the part of responsible league officers to construct a Minor League program that provides training for younger players, and place less emphasis on the competitive aspects of the game.

The Minor League program is for players league age 8 through 12.



1)   Two hour time limit on all games. Official game start time is schedule start time, not actual start time. Exception: if the game starts early, official start time will be actual start time.

2)   If umpires do not show by game time, it is up to the offensive team to provide either an Assistant Coach or parent to stand behind the pitcher to make calls at the plate until the umpires do show up. No Managers are allowed to umpire. Calls are made for your own batters.

3) No new inning can start after 1-hour 45 minutes. If home team is behind by more than six runs, home team can elect to continue to play to the two hour mark where at such time the game is called.

4) All players on roster who are in attendance at the game must be placed in the line-up to bat during all regular season games only. Year end Minor League tournament will only allow for (9) batters at a time.

5) You will be allowed to have (2) adult base coaches until May 15th, 2005. Team member may accompany adult at either base. One adult and one child after the 15th of May and for the year end tournament.

6) Managers and coaches shall not warm up pitchers. All players warming up the pitcher must have face mask on.

7) Home team responsible for bases and chalking field. Last game of the evening, home team responsible for putting bases away.

8) Absolutely No Protests Allowed in Minor League during regular season.

9) Must have either the Manager, Coach or Scorekeeper (at least one) in dugout.

10) Only the Manager or Coach may call timeouts (not the scorekeeper).

11) Pitchers can only pitch 6 innings per week (Sunday through Saturday). 3 innings is the maximum that any pitcher is allowed to pitch in one game, then pitcher is required to rest for 3 full days. Example: Monday, Pitcher throws for 3 innings, the next day he is allowed to pitch is Friday because of the 3 full days rest ... less than 3 innings pitched: (1) full calendar day rest is required. (1) warm up pitch constitutes (1) inning pitched.

12) No official win/loss stats kept in Minors Division (Year end tournament match-ups will be by a drawing before the first game is played). The purpose for this is to reduce the competitive nature during the season games and allow the managers a better training environment for the players.

13)   Advancing on a passed ball is permitted, even for home base.  No player is allowed to slide head first in to any base, unless the player is returned to the base.

14) In regular season games, if the score is tied at the end of the game, the game will remain a tie.

15) League age 12 players are not allowed to pitch in Minor Division.

16) Each half inning will end after (6) runs are scored or (3) outs, whichever comes first. Should a play result in more than six runs being scored, then only a total of (6) runs are counted. (No 10-run rule will be in affect)

17) If a player or umpire is injured and the delay in the game exceeds 5 minutes, all time attributed to the delay should be excluded from the total playing time.

18) No player should be permitted to wear any watch, jewelry, pin, etc. or any other metallic reflective item. Nor should any reflective material be permitted on equipment such as bats, gloves or helmets.

19) Minors year end tournaments will have no new innings after 1:45. No 10-run mercy rule in effect, however we will maintain a 6-run limit per inning.



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